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» The retired justice and first woman on the Supreme Court says she probably has Alzheimer's disease
23/10/18 16:35 from
Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor revealed in a letter on Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with the "beginning stages of dementia, probably Alzheimer's disease."

» D.C. Attorney General launches investigation into Catholic Church
23/10/18 16:27 from
Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl Racine announced Tuesday that he has launched a civil investigation into whether the Archdiocese of Washington violated the law by covering up the sexual abuse of minors.

» Analysis: Donald Trump just embraced nationalism. Yes, really.
23/10/18 16:13 from
At a rally in Houston Monday night for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, President Donald Trump said this:

» Boy gets his wish of becoming a Ghostbuster
23/10/18 16:06 from
A 5-year-old boy's dream of becoming a Ghostbuster and fighting off ghouls became a reality Monday.

» Abrams defends burning flag with confederate symbol in '92
23/10/18 15:47 from
Long before she became the Democratic candidate for Georgia governor, Stacey Abrams participated in a flag-burning protest on the steps of the Georgia Capitol in 1992, The New York Times reported Monday. At the time, the flag included th...

» Nintendo Switch is headed to school
23/10/18 15:40 from
Nintendo has long been synonymous with entertainment. But now the gaming giant is getting into education.

» Asian-Americans should be angry about Harvard case
23/10/18 15:39 from
Asian-Americans and all fair-minded people should be angry about several of the allegations made in the lawsuit against Harvard regarding its admission practices. Harvard denies engaging in any discrimination against Asian-American appli...

» Hurricane Willa could bring misery across the US
23/10/18 15:37 from

» First American Sign Language Starbucks opens
23/10/18 15:23 from
How do you say "frappuccino" in American Sign Language?

» The most insane hotel suites
23/10/18 15:15 from
In a city where the housing price per square foot is more than $1,400, space is the ultimate Hong Kong luxury.

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