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» Laura Bush pens scathing column on child separation
18/06/18 03:10 from
Former first lady Laura Bush spoke out Sunday night about the separation of families on the US border, writing a harsh criticism of the current zero-tolerance immigration policy being enforced under the Trump administration.

» AMC suspends Chris Hardwick's show after ex-girlfriend makes accusations of abuse
18/06/18 03:04 from
TV host Chris Hardwick is facing career fallout amid allegations by his ex-girlfriend, actress Chloe Dykstra, that he sexually and emotionally abused her.

» 17 people killed in nightclub brawl
18/06/18 03:04 from
At least 17 people, including eight minors, were killed Saturday after a partygoer detonated a tear-gas canister setting off a stampede inside a nightclub in Caracas, Venezuela, authorities said.

» Democratic lawmakers visit immigration centers in south Texas
18/06/18 03:03 from
Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley returned to the South Texas border on Sunday with a group of Democratic colleagues to tour the Customs and Border Protection processing centers in the Rio Grande Valley.

» They died after Hurricane Maria and are listed as 'storm' victims -- yet they are not in the government's official death count. Why?
18/06/18 03:02 from
Ramon Cruz Laboy, a 75-year-old who kept to himself and never wanted to burden his relatives, died January 24 from medical complications that resulted from a femur fracture he suffered during a gust of wind from Hurricane Maria.

» Woman says she killed a bobcat with her bare hands
18/06/18 02:58 from
DeDe Phillips' first thought when a bobcat attacked in her driveway in Georgia was "I wasn't dying today," she says.

» What a shot! 20 amazing sports photos
18/06/18 02:53 from
Take a look at 20 amazing sports photos from June 10 through June 17.

» Five dead after high-speed Border Patrol chase in Texas
18/06/18 02:29 from
A vehicle carrying 14 people flipped Sunday, ejecting 12 immigrants and killing at least four, Dimmit County, Texas, Sheriff Marion Boyd told CNN affiliate KABB/WOAI.

» MLB pitcher vomits twice, still finishes inning
18/06/18 02:25 from

» FBI agent says he's willing to testify before Congress
18/06/18 02:00 from
Peter Strzok, the FBI agent removed from the Russia probe for sending anti-Trump text messages, is willing to testify before the House Judiciary Committee or any other congressional committee, his lawyer wrote in a letter to the committe...

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