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» How media pressure leads to White House action
22/10/17 23:47 from
CNN's Brian Stelter discusses several actions from President Trump recently that have stemmed from press reports and questions.

» Mammoth typhoon strikes Japan
22/10/17 23:43 from
A mammoth typhoon is closing in on Japan, hurling dangerous winds and threatening to cause major flooding and mudslides.

» Trump: Sometimes feuding helps
22/10/17 23:20 from
President Trump said in an interview that sometimes bickering and feuding helps get people "to do what they're supposed to be doing." CNN's Pamela Brown reports.

» Rep. Wilson fires back at Trump and says his chief of staff 'lied to the American public' in criticizing her
22/10/17 23:02 from

» Trump touts 'biggest tax cuts ever'
22/10/17 22:33 from
President Donald Trump dismissed Democratic leaders' assertions that the Republican tax reform proposal will hurt the middle class as "their standard" line in an interview that aired on Fox News on Sunday.

» NBA player fined for yelling obscenity at fan
22/10/17 22:28 from

» North Korea's illicit dealings in Africa
22/10/17 22:21 from
Heroes' Acre looms on a hill overlooking Windhoek, Namibia's tidy capital.

» Eat like Bourdain
22/10/17 22:17 from

» The Perfect Day in Pittsburgh
22/10/17 22:17 from

» When the arena came to town
22/10/17 22:17 from

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